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Humans of RC Deonar

Humans of RC Deonar is an initiative to celebrate our people behind the scenes of our amazing projects! Check out our instagram page to know. Here’s one amongst the hundreds of inspiring stories of RC Deonar.

" I became a part of the family of Rotaract Club of Deonar in 2015 in order to find a getaway from the different changes in my life.Throughout my journey as a member to the Secretary, I saw the club become my home and it's members become my family. In my second year of the club I was appointed as the Chairperson for Xpressions. It was a huge opportunity for someone like me who had lost all hope of the club believing in me again. Especially after an event to which I felt I couldn't do justice. It had an impact on me and I wanted to prove things to myself. There was an error in one particular avenue prior to Xpressions and at that time Sneha Shetty told me, " Even if you commit a mistake,you owe up to that. As once you owe upto that half the worry is over and you can start finding solutions for the problem. There's nothing to be ashamed of making mistakes. It is not wrong to commit a mistake. It's okay to make mistakes as we are all humans. We learn from it and do better mistakes and never repeat this." Those words have been with me ever since and I have been following that even today. I was lucky to be guided by Ojas Joshi, Sneha Shetty, Ruchira Rosia, Akshaya Bandivdekar who have inspired me in multiple ways. They have shown me what it takes to be a leader. They taught me to stand up for the right things and have taught me to fight back by standing up even after falling down;set an example. They have pushed me to accept challenges and succeed. If you start falling in love with the work and the people associated with it, you end up helping in every possible effort. This is what the Rotaract Club of Deonar is to me. It is my school, a place where I could make mistakes and learn. A place which made me what I am today from a kid who knew nothing. Rotaract Club of Deonar is 'Home'. I am never going to accept the fact that I have become an Alumni because,Ay! One can never really leave one's home,right?"

- Rtr. Pooja Vazirani